Fortnight Magazine is open for submissions.

We invite submissions of ideas for articles to editor@localhost.

We are interested in innovative thinking about Irish politics and culture across the whole island, relations between both parts of the island and their relations with Europe and beyond. We also welcome a wide range of new writing in whatever form and contributions on arts and culture in the North, including issues of identity, gender and sexuality. Submissions should generally be around 600 or up to 1100 or 2000 words to fit our new reduced format.

We are not a well-funded magazine and can offer payment only in very limited circumstances. But many prominent writers and journalists have either started out on Fortnight or advanced their careers through the opportunity the magazine has given them to publish serious and original writing. Please read the magazine on line and familiarise yourself with its style and its concerns before submitting.

The copy deadline for the December/January issue is the end of November but earlier submission will increase the chances of selection.