Fortnight is back

50 years after it was launched in 1970, an 80 page edition in a new format will be published on 25th September both in a printed version and free on line from our reinstated Fortnight website. 

The issue will focus on some possible political and economic futures for Northern Ireland and how any changes might be debated and implemented. There will also be extended contributions on current cultural and arts developments in the North and some information for potential new readers and supporters on the past history and contribution of the magazine from its initial launch until publication was suspended in 2012. Our aim is to continue to publish issues digitally, and perhaps also in printed versions, from time to time on key political, economic, cultural and arts developments in the North.

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Issue contents


Richard Humphreys What do we talk of when we talk of a United Ireland? Colin Harvey Imagining a New Ireland Tom Hadden Plus ça change …? Hugh Logue A positive conversation


Feargal Cochrane ‘It’s a long way from Finchley’ Bobby McDonagh Evolving Irish attitudes Jamie Pow Democracy with citizens’ assemblies Katy Hayward Customs, consent and compromise


Paul Nolan The lives of Others Claire Mitchell Divided politics, blended lives Tamilore Awonusi Can I be more than a passing focus of attention in Ireland Martyn Turner Nor’n Irish for ever


Brice Dickson An on-going Bill of Rights? Louise Mallinder What next in managing the past


Malachi O’Doherty A new normal Andy Pollak Fortnight – a very short history


Damian Smyth Fortnight and 50 years of contested writing Edna Longley Currency of poetry Des O’Rawe Screen politics Steafán Hanvey From a cool place

Covid Monologues

Gina Donnelly Rose Curry Alice Malseed Anne Devlin Jane McCarthy Sarah Reid Rosemary Jenkinson


Mary Robinson Reviews Kevin Boyle biography Malachi Doherty On Troubles thrillers